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    Question from Ivan, Ivan on Tech interview

    Q Ivan: What kind of use cases are there going to be? A lot of people are talking about supply chain and governance in the blockchain space. How can people use neurochain in the future?

    A Bruno: In the partnership that we have been developing there have been key verticals. We started with an area that was the banking sector. The banking sector with different use cases, and we started with the digital kyc. The digital kyc costs 400 million dollars a year for a european bank we met. We moved after to the supply chain and as we speak we have the cio of one of the largest supply chain company in europe. The equilevant of dhl for europe, that is being interviewed and will be going live on our channel soon. He will explain why he sees neurochain as one of the key differentiator, for the way they are going to implant the new services in the logistic services. We also have a partnership with a food traceability company. We’re going to continue to develop more partners, so we can create an environment where the pilot projects (starting to develop right after ico). These will be driven through those industry verticals, so we will have already business applications pre-tested in real life environment with the launch of our main net in january 2019.

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