Roadmap / Progress Status

NeuroChain Technical Roadmap Progress      

The development of the NeuroChain project is proceeding as planned, respecting the different milestones set in the roadmap.

The following article aims to give an overview of this progress, detailing the tasks already completed and the future tasks that will be achieved in the coming weeks.

What has been done so far?

Bot Identity
– Wallet generation
– Bot identification through wallet public address

Network discovery
– DNS lookup to get a NeuroChain connection point
– Step by step build the neighbourhood of a bot with basic optimization

– 3 levels: network lifecycle (heartbeat, ping, continuous discovery), transactions transmissions, smart applications transmissions
– Elliptic-curve cryptography

Transactions creation and validation
– Security : authentication, encryption-decryption, checksum
– NCC accounts balance check

Blocks creation and validation
– Security validation: authentication, encryption-decryption, checksum
– Consistency inside a block

– Initialize the ledger, block 0 creation
– Add the block to the ledger
– The consistency of the blockchain

Smartphone integration
– Launching transactions from a smartphone
– These first features developed in C ++ technology allow the generation of a Bot with its personal identity and the ability to connect with and find its peers (the network).


In parallel with these developments:

  1. The data scientists team is working on the optimization of the consensus algorithms and the development of the first NeuroChain blockchain applications.
  2. The security team is actively working on security testing to ensure the integrity of the NeuroChain network and benchmark of cryptographic libraries used.


Where are we going?

The second development milestone for NeuroChain: consensus and decision-making will soon begin in close collaboration with the data science and artificial intelligence team.

Additionally, a subdomain of the site will be available, 100% dedicated to the technical progress. This Developer sub-domain will provide a technical viewpoint of the product via articles, a forum (easier than telegram to exchange and capitalize on these exchanges) and online documents.

NeuroChain, let’s build a better world!


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