Do Intelligent applications solve the downfall of Turing complete Smart contract

  • Alchemy
    # 5 years, 8 months ago

    Btc opted out of turing completeness while Ethereum utilizes Turing complete smart contracts… We have seen the DAO hack with an estimeated amount of 50 million usd affected….plus the parity wallet situation where a newbie programmer sent a kill command to the library contract that all of these new multisig wallet contracts were based off, rendering all of these new contracts unusable. Turing completeness introduces an infinite and unknown amount of attack vectors, which are potential ways that the system can be hacked. How will Neurochain test and insure that using turing complete smart applications will be successful in preventing huge hacks? Surely this will need to be provable for any real world adoption with enterprises,banks etc… in order to use the smart applications and protocol. Thank you

  • Admin
    # 5 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Alchemy,
    Thank you for this good question.
    You are right the security of our futur dapps is a major point to the adoption of NeuroChain.
    Some coutermeasures are designed. The first is that the dapps are not running in the core of the bot, it is an independant layer dedicated to dapps. This means dapps will not interfer directy with the ledger. They can read the ledger, use alogrithms based on data from it and then create transactions. It is not fully integrated.
    Dapps can have some bad stuff inside their design, but this is not a specific problem of blockchains, it could be the same in a basic website.
    With ML and AI and the consensus based on the trust of nodes, dapps like this could be easily put in quarantine.
    Thank you

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