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    Question from Ivan, Ivan on Tech interview

    Q Ivan: Often you need to kind of bootstrap a machine learning algorithm with some initial data to get it running and produce some result. How will you boost up your system, when it comes to machine learning?

    A Billal: When you have an algorithm, you need to train, test and deploy it. At first there will be a limited amount of algorithm provided. After time when many bots use this algorithm, I can use their experience to form my algorithm. The blockchain will help machine learning and artificial intelligence to be more performant, because we have some limits with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Q Ivan: On what data and experience will the bots make their first decisions, when they get launched on the network?

    A Billal: For the consensus algorithm, they will already be trained by the neurochain development team, according to our rules. For the business applications, you can train it first outside the blockchain with a set of data and provide it to your bot. After this you can choose to give out the application to all the other bots, so they can use it in their business application. The consensus algorithm will be fully provided by the neurochain team only and nobody else.

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