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    Question from Ivan, Ivan on Tech interview

    Q Ivan: What kind of challenges do you currently have? Of course no project is without any challenges and obstacles. Are you currently facing challenges on the technical, business or legal side and what is the most difficult part for you right now?

    A Bruno: I think as any serious project we do have our challenges. So the challenge is basically the adoption rate. We understand that we’re having a unique vision, and we believe in the power of it. The collective intelligence will only become smarter, if there is more than one people involved. Basically, we need to get more and more customers that will be allied with our values and vision. Hence, the importance of having verticals and industry who have selected us and starts deploying in their own industry. Adoption is an area where we’ll be looking at and that’s why this is a 5 years project. We’ll progressively go one by one into the different industries and get some key leaders to follow us.

    Billal: Our blockchain will be available in less than nine months. A lot of questions got raised that our blockchain will be available in 5 years by the look of our road map. This is incorrect and it only means that our ecosystem with collective intelligence will be fully provided in 5 years.

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