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    Question from Ivan, Ivan on Tech interview

    Q Ivan: Will anyone be able to write these applications on the main net? Is it going to be an open development environment permission less? How will this work once it’s live?

    A Billal: Yes, it’s an open source project. We encourage people to develop their applications on the neurochain network. The thing that makes neurochain unique, is because it simplifies those things. Many people want to develop their application on ethereum, or any other blockchain, but it’s not an easy thing to do. You need to learn their language, have their firmware and you have thought about distributed applications. In neurochain, we use algorithms to make it easy to understand for example developers. Algorithms are similar to the human brain, because both are executing processes step by step. With neurochain we also have collective artificial intelligence. You can share your application with other bots, and they can use it or at least train their model with it. This makes neurochain really business applications oriented.

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